Perseus Bypass



🎓 What is Perseus Bypass Software?

📝Perseus Bypass 1.4.1 is a paid software that allows normal and regular use on devices with Knox Guard or Leasing MDM Locks via Knox.

📱Our software uses a QR Code to be installed that you can buy

Before buying please run a short Pre Check on your device: Using our video guide or by going to Download Mode and checking your PDA Number.

Only official firmware (untampered phones) with Security of November 2023 maximun. (Google your device PDA found in recovery mode to see what is your current security patch level.

🛑It is assumed you checked these our service has no refunds. It is widely tested on compatible devices and 3 years on the market is proof of our work

✅How to Pay for Perseus Bypass 1.4.1 QR Code✅

⬆️Price for all Samsung Devices regardless of the model

📍$30 USDT = 1 Device 📍

💵Wallet: TXQdywh1uoTQGWnaaEfQvv89TBizWC5PoN (USDT TRC-20)

🛑Please leave screenshot / proof of payment to @LeoTec2021 within 15 minutes of making payment🛑

📝 Written Instructions 📝

    📲 Customer Requirements 📲
  • 1️⃣ Windows PC with Google Chrome.
  • 2️⃣ Your Phone and USB Wire.
  • 3️⃣ Decent Wi Fi Network.