Perseus Guard 1.3.3

(c)2022 Mr Wolf

- Server 33 -

——————-------———————Service Description———————----—————————

Perseus Bypass 1.3 Server Updates / Firmware Compatibility

1. Firmware Support

- Android 12 One UI 4.0
- Android 12 One UI 4.1
- Android 13 One UI 5.0
- Android 13 One UI 5.1

2. Security Patch Level Support

-01 09-2022
-01 10-2022
-01 11-2022
-01 01 2023
-01 02 2023
-01 03 2023 (Latest)

3. Server Status

- Online
- Added Backwards Compatibility on https://www.perseusbypass.com
 for Perseus Bypass 1.2 and 1.3

4. About OTA Updates (Optional User Choice) ONLY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING

-User can update their devices until the latest firmware listed here as supported.
Only do this if you know what you are doing we don´t provide support for teaching how to update devices that are on KG Locked.

-If you do update, remember to wipe the device before bypassing with our service.

—————————————————————————------—————PLEASE REMEMBER—————————————————————————-————————

Perseus Bypass is a QR Code based service, you need a QR Code form our team
to use this website,. pricing depends on each store but it should be arround
70 USDT depending on your payment method , ask our authorized stores and pick
the one you like the most.


——————-------——VIDEO WALKTHROUGH OF THE PROCESS———————----—————————

Still confused? a written guide can also be found HERE

If you need to contact Support you can find him HERE or HERE

> when your device is connected and ready try typing 'activate'