Perseus Guard 1.3.3

(c)2023 Mr Wolf

- Server 33 -


We dont have any other source/stores/distributors or third party sellers.
To buy a code for perseus bypass, you can do so Here.


——————-------———————Service Description———————----—————————

Perseus Bypass 1.3 Firmware Support

Minimum Firmware Level

1. Android 12 / One UI 4.0

2. Only untampered devices

Maximum Security Patch Level Supported

May 2023


Perseus Bypass 1.4

1. Android 12 / One UI 4.0

2. Only untampered devices

3. Ready for sale BUY HERE

4. All security patches supported!

5. For written instruction GO HERE

6. No computer or usb connection required, just the qr code and follow the instruction below

——————-------—— VIDEO WALKTHROUGH Of 1.4 Version ———————----—————————

3. Server Status

Perseus Bypass 1.3: - ONLINE: Soon to be discontinued

Perseus Bypass 1.4: - ONLINE: Up and running.


This service has always been sold AS-IS with no refunds. This is known by now for the people who works with us is not even a question. For the rest or new users is a reminder. Don´t ask for refunds. We work with serious customers not debuggers nor people looking to do other operations beyond what we offer.


---——————-----------------——————PLEASE REMEMBER——————----—————--------——————

What is Perseus Bypass?

Perseus Bypass is a QR Code based service that will bypass a kg locked device and leave it fully functional with his original firmware (World First and Only Service) to perform it, you need a QR Code form our team to use this website you can buy one by clicking on "Buy Now" or "Resellers" tab.

This is a Paid Service.

Remember to read our instructions first.


—————VIDEO WALKTHROUGH OF THE PROCESS (1.3 version soon to be discontinued)————————


If you still have doubs about what we do please join ourtelegram group

This service has assistance , only ask for it if you have little experience working with phonesHere is how

> When your device says "Waiting for Activation" please type "activate" and select your device on the top left section of your screen.