You can find updated instructions HERE

If you have any questions or you need assistance contact support HERE

1) My device won´t activate on the site

- Delete Cookies on Google Chrome + Use Incoginito Mode + Make sure No adb.exe is running on your task manager. Make sure you are on https://www.perseusbypass.org if it says "Not Secure" it won´t activate.

2) work remotely, can i use the service?

- Yes, you can send your customer the guide on our channel + guide him/her if you sell our codes. USB Redirector/Flexihub and such can cause issues on the process. You can however use "Anydesk" or "TeamViewer" to help your customer.
Guide Link: https://t.me/perseusteam/119

3) My device displays a red screen

-This is due to multiple factors such as:

-Tampered Software (Flashing with KG Active)

-Your Network Can´t Reach our Servers

-You used your 7 tokens for reactivation on the same device 

-You are using the same code for different devices.

Note: This does not happen often, if you haven modded your device and you see this the first time bypassing it is recommended to use a VPN to fix the issue.

4) Can i flash with Odin?

- No.

5) Can i request a refund for a non supported device?

- Currently all devices are supported on our version 1.3 You have to read before you buy devices running One UI Core are NOT Compatible. Rooted Devices are not compatible either. You have to buy another code if you hard reset your device more than 7 times after bypass completed.

6) Can i unlock my bootloader?

- No, most devices don´t even have this on firmware when leased.

7) The price is high

- There are some bypass methods without system that are free, you can use them if you so desire this is a premium and unique service tailored for high end devices.

8) A message appears telling me "this device belongs to your organization" and that my device is not private, is my data safe?

- Perseus doesnt collect any personal info of devices, we just collect device identifiers to enroll the device. to avoid any kind of security concerns only buy from authorized sources from HERE

- Remember this service is for high end devices and it works perfectly as shown by our customerbase these questions are just a small fraction of users that request support for no reason, if you are working with our software please read here before updating your device.


Thanks to everyone who has leaved their feedback we really appreciate it.  If you have any question or feedback you can do so leaving a comment, it´s moderated but for normal customers this should not be an issue.