Privacy Notice for Perseus Bypass Service

The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to outline our commitment and policies that you need to accept if you use our services, as it is required and prompted before using them.

Warranty / Refunds / Support

Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products once they’re downloaded and agreed to this terms and services stablished. No warranty is offered when you use our services, as the nature of our product can´t allow such thing. Refunds are pertinent to each reseller that you can find on our site, but we don´t offer them. Support is there to help those who need to get the job done, not for any other propose, and you need to show our QR code before starting the chat so we can distinguish a real customer of ours and a non-customer. Codes that don´t qualify for eventual situations as updates or upgrades in the ser vice will get rejected and that is not up for discussion.

Security Measures

It is important that our customers recognize their responsibility in maintaining effective security in the use of our services. Modifying/Tampering/Debugging among others are forbidden and only targets to maintain your device working. If you do any of these, you will get banned from our systems however it is not permanently it´s user responsibility.

Personal Data

We have never and will never retain or sell personal data, nor do that´s possible within our services. We collect data only of the device if you agree to the current document for core services to work properly.

• Device Data we collect: We store other data of your identifiers such as but not limited to your unique identifier or IMEI among others.

No customer data is held or fetched by our services. Only what is needed to use our services. to avoid any kind of security concerns only buy from authorized sources from HERE

Updates to this Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time, as the service requires it.