-Perseus Bypass-

In accordance with the terms that are published in https://www.perseusbypass.com/terms , the following guides/instructions/requirements are required to be followed by every customer, in rare occasions you might need help and in order for us to properly help you are required to read the following.


I. KG Status (Download Mode): Locked.

II. OEM Status (L) Locked.

III. Factory Reset Protection (FRP) must be off.

IV. Warranty Void Status: 0 / No Rooted / Tampered / Flashed (via any means either hardware or software based) are allowed.

V. No Rooted / Tampered / Flashed (via any means either hardware or software based) are allowed.

VI. Firmware must be Samsung Official (not custom, not modded in any way via software or hardware) just the firmware that comes with your device.

VII. The serial number and/or IMEI number is damaged or has been removed or altered.

VIII. User agrees to follow the guides provided on this website when using our services. This is valid for ALL our codes independent of where you bought them. If your reseller has not provided instructions kindly ask him to do so.

*Security Patch Level: NO FURTHER THAN 01-07-2022 (android 12 is recommended however if you wish to update you could before bypassing and up until that security patch level for now.


Perseus Team does not support bypassing Factory Reset Protection in any way or form.

Perseus Team does not officially support or endorse unlocking stolen devices. Our Service consists in a Bypass for KG Locked not an unlock, we don´t unlock kg locked devices. We just *bypass devices a process that´s not in any way shape or form *unlocking devices please refer to the meaning of both terms at the bottom of the page.

*Bypass: Bypasses a certain constraint and only works on the device until a hard reset is performed.

*Unlock: A permanent removal of a constraint that supports a hard reset. Perseus Team dont offer this kind of service for kg locked devices.


I. Official Video / Tutorial is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FztVbBhxk7s

II. Written Instructions: https://pastebin.com/dBCg94yB

III. FAQ/Tips: https://pastebin.com/bC8WrE9v

IV. Non-Supported Devices List: https://pastebin.com/w6LA4AsM

II. Written Instructions: https://pastebin.com/dBCg94yB

You have 5 activations that come preloaded on your QR Code, you can use them if you need for some reason to wipe or erase your device, each QR Code is for 1 device scanning it on any other device or using it with no activations left will show a red screen, if you had issues during install and wiped your device please wait at least 4 minutes before re-scanning that also will end on a red screen as shown:

🚨 User is requiered to have a stable network conection on the device at all times during the bypass process, customers with tampered networks or devices (device has to meet the prerequierements at www.perseusbypass.com/help) can in some cases get this screen. WE DONT REFUND NOR EXCHANGE CODES WITH RED SCREENS 🚨.


I. The defect is caused by use not intended or contrary to the instructions, manuals or guidelines of Perseus Team or the seller.

II. The Consumer does not provide the invoice for the purchase or delivery invoice with his QR Code in Full, not cut, not in screenshots, the full image in the resolution that was originally sent by your reseller.

III. Damages incurred by malware, unauthorized software or third party applications used by the Consumer. Unauthorized Software refers to any app that´s intended to disable, mod, clone or prevent apps from running. These are not an issue on end users, since it´s not intended for a “Power User” or “Debuggers”.

IV. The Product is fake/without coverage and has not been manufactured by Perseus Team. This also applies to our currently deprecated codes, if you want to update/upgrade for either features or security buy another one from: https://perseusbypass.org/resellers.html

V. Consumer does not like the bypass or wants features that it doesn’t have are not taken into account.

VI. Codes sold by alternative stores are in some cases legit but as scams are a thing. We only offer help / support to those who bought (invoice/order id) from our authorized resellers at https://perseusbypass.org/resellers.html. Alternative stores can sell legitimate codes but you Will need to ask them for support if you have an issue and that´s not often.

Perseus Team does provide help and support if you have issues, but you have to provide and send the following requirements to our support Telegram:

I. Full unedited/uncut video of the process guidelines below, your invoice from our authorized resellers, full QR Code. In order for our team to review your situation.

II. Video Guidelines can be found here: below

III. Invoice must include the link of the code sold by our resellers date and IMEI.

IV. IMEI + Code must be on sight in the video

Perseus Team does not support or endorse IMEI spoofing, tampering or modifications to your device, original device id´s should be kept at all times.


To send a support ticket you need to send video proof + QR Code + invoice from authorized reseller, video guidelines in the following manner:

1. Starting from download mode locked + OEM (L), Warranty Void 0, should be visible, go to recovery wipe the device, factory reset, and wipe cache then reboot system.

2. On the initial screen tap on emergency dialer then dial *#06# IMEI+ SN has to be in clear sight.

3. Scan the QR Code provided by your reseller, showing on the video that you are scanning the QR Code that was sold to you.

4. Connect to your Wi-Fi Network and continue the steps as shown on our official guide video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FztVbBhxk7s

5. When you see wait reboot wait for the phone to reboot itself.

6. On first boot unlock the device wait on home a bit until you see icons on top, then go to settings, show your device´s settings and bring developer options, disable adb debugging, then turn off developer options. Lock your device with the power button and unlock, you expect a relock to appear in some cases.

7. Show the relock happening and use your power button + vol down to reboot the device as soon as you see it.

1. Starting from download mode locked + OEM (L), Warranty Void 0, should be visible, go to recovery wipe the device, factory reset, and wipe cache then reboot system.

8. Repeat step 6 until you don´t see the relock again it can take up to 3 relocks that will need you to reboot manually to finish. On the video that has to be seen.

Send your invoice (from authorized resellers only) + Video Proof as described above and your Original QR Code To: TELEGRAM

Disclaimer : Please just send your message only if you follow all the guidelines descibed above, any other inquiry or request will be ignored.