Perseus Guard 1.3.1

(c)2022 Mr Wolf

- Server 33 -


You can enter download mode on your device and check:

1)Firmware: Official

2)FRP (Google´s Factory Reset Protection) must be OFF when using our codes
[we do not offer such services]

3) KG Status Locked, it will remain locked this is a service that does not “unlock devices”

4) IMEI/BASEBAND: Original from the device´s lock

5) OEM LOCK: ON (L) Status

6) Warranty Void 0 Mandatory

7) Security patch up to 07-2022 (later support is in development)


By using our services you agree to the following Terms of Service

Please not that if you dont meet the requierements stated here there is NO REFUND.
So check that you meet these before using our services.


The use debugging software or tools of that sort is strictly forbidden
This includes anything that a normal user will never do to get either
the device working or the job done, by doing so your device WILL be banned
from our systems, please avoid this by all means by just following the steps
that will be provided and currently are provided for current codes.

We respect the work of others and expect this to be mutual.
Think smart, be smart, and work smart.🗣


If you need to contact Support you can find him HERE

> when your device is connected and ready try typing 'activate'