Q: When i lock my device i can´t receive calls, instead they go to voicemail.

A: We do not perform any carrier related operations, this is often seen on devices form US Cellular, Verizon, T-Mobile. Change CSC is NOT part of our services if you do that is under your risk. If your code does not work anymore don´t bother asking.

[This issue is very isolated mostly for us devices that are operating on us]

Q: How do i update my device? 

A: If you have our version 1.2 on your device just keep it. Don´t ask for support. There is no need.

Q: When i switch simcards a prompt appears and i have to reboot

A: We don´t perform carrier related operations.

Q: My device does not show "Waiting for Activation"

A: Network related issue / user intervention beyond what is on our guide.

[Support is there to help you install our software if you don´t have basic knowledge, not to help you on unrelated and non-existant issues]

This service has always been sold AS-IS with no refunds. This is known by now for the people who works with us is not even a question. For the rest or new users is a reminder. Don´t ask for refunds. We work with serious customers not debugers nor people looking to do other operations beyond what we offer


If you still need help send a full video of the operation from the download mode screen until you see a problem + QR Code to: This Telegram Do note that if you send anything unrelated to the service or ask for any other operation not related to the service, you won´t get a reply.